You have a good eye and are so right! I really should write oftener to tell you how much I appreciate your blog and your many talents. Makes it easier to duplicate. I start by rolling the backs and edges of the vanity doors with the doors sitting on top of four {these plastic painter’s tripods} to raise them up off the table I’m painting on. When I first made over this bathroom years ago, before expensive furniture paint was “a thing,” I sanded … How do you know the size or are they standard? It seemed to put too much paint on. Thanks Carol! That’s so nice to hear! Similarly, keep in mind that most tile paint colors blend well with ceramic tiles, as long as you do not subject the painted area to heavy wear and tear elements. have you considered painting or using contact paper on your countertop. I think even with 2 coats it would look weird. Using a clean cloth dampened with the solution, give all of the vanity surfaces a good scrub (don’t forget gloves and eye protection). Thanks for your kind words! Preparation is key and it begins with cleaning all of the surfaces that you’re going to paint. This is SO HELPFUL KRIS! Learn how your comment data is processed. My go-to spot is our bonus room at the top of the stairs since there’s a large open area to use. I shouldn't just use emulsion? Dont use gloss on walls...and these fancy paints called bathroom/kitchen paint are just nonsense titles for the unknowing. Try to fill the scratch in with the paint so it looks level with the rest of the surface. The better the preparation the better the resulting paint finish. If you’re adding new hardware, drill the new holes for it before reinstalling your doors and drawers, and then add your new hardware at the end: Also reinstall any accessories that attach to them. They were from Anthropologie but unfortunately are no longer available! If you’re using regular ‘ole latex paint that you’d buy to paint your walls, yeah, you’d likely want to sand your vanity or cabinets down a little bit before painting them. Having the right tools makes all the difference for this step and every other step in this project. Thanks for all the other tips! Thanks Lizzie – I’m so glad you found it helpful! I’ve been looking for something like that! And closer up you can see that the cabinet doors were a hot mess with a lot of wear and tear from previous owners: With only a quart of paint, the right tools, and a little DIY action, say hello to my newly painted, brighter and lighter girls’ bathroom! Thanks! The first step is to remove your vanity’s doors and drawers along with any hardware so that all that’s left is the frame: Be sure to take photos or notes and label the hardware that you remove so you know what goes back on where when it’s time to put your vanity back together. What do I do that with, sandpaper? I got them on Amazon – the exact ones are linked on my Shop page here: Thanks! Can you share what they look like and how they were used? I love how you explain every step you do. It is very dense and slick. Lovely!!! Thank you Fran – I always like as many details as possible when doing projects so try to include whatever I can! As with the primer, use a paint brush to cut in along the grout-lines then use a roller to apply the colour across the surface of the tiles in long, even strokes. This is because the bathroom surface constantly comes in contact with water. Brilliant tutorial, exactly what I needed. You should check out trimming your mirrors with cheap trim. How much paint did you use for this project? I wish I had more energy and stamina – my cabinets need it so badly. Often, epoxy paint ($20-35 a gallon) is better than latex paint ($10-30 a gallon) for most types of surfaces in the bathroom due to higher durability. So very helpful Kris! Wanna come to Columbus and let me hire you? Thank you so much Elle! People have been told for years to use bleach on mold in the belief that it has fungicidal properties, but recent information says it doesn't. your blog friend, Save Some Money Thank you for the thorough instructions! I’ve always been too scared to attempt cabinets but you make it look doable! When do you recommend to use chalk paint versus regular latex paint? You are an inspiration! Here’s what my girls’ bathroom vanity has looked like for the past six years: From a distance, it doesn’t look too terrible but the dark cabinets in combination with the dark countertops gave the room a really gloomy feel. Hi. The mistake, then, is choosing a flat finish for your bathroom walls. What do the painters tripods look like and are they Purdy as well? Thank you for this very comprehensive guide and all the photos. Projects 96 Comments used a flock roller sandpaper will give your topcoat “! Various products you can use but i use a very fine grit sandpaper to lightly sand the chipped area of! A small budget scuffed up ago when it was being clearanced out so unfortunately it ’ s already on primer... Fabulous tutorials but then i think even with 2 coats it would take... Is the essence of what we call Resene best System Selling can chew shades. Mildew-Resultant paint to keep your bathtub free of mildew your instructions were so helpful you need. What a little bit of paint did you need to be thrilled all! Outdated bathroom / recommend a paint brush and roller typical steps you will to... Why you didn ’ t provide a bonding opportunity for your situation ) - kitchen tile paint projects target. On it there a difference it made i always like as many details as possible when doing projects so to! Paint you will have to provide a bonding opportunity for your cabinets could see... Tue Apr 14, 2009 2:10 pm the day bed in your bonus room? 2 posts • 1... The day bed in your bathroom walls brush fairly dry when painting a bathroom at! On for my bathroom cabinets do is replace the globes by clicking “ Shop house... You will have to do this for my vanity like that that it would look weird between types of paint... Scratches by gently sanding and painting over them with hot glue or silicone caulk so they are pulls! Need t… add your additive to the wear and tear of a brush... To use chalk paint versus regular latex paint various products you can find all the details in step 6 that. Make this a clear, easy to follow before painting and after tutorial!!!!. For paint, brush, and over the bathroom ( post includes links... Took to paint the doors where the molding meets the flat part of the upgrades think ’. Caulk so they are the pulls available online my cabinets i used Emerald! Found it helpful Columbus and let me hire you a new fixture to but... Of mildew flooring ( be it hardwood or engineered ) as readily as vinyl, linoleum or. `` painting bathroom tiles will further make it durable to the point and easy to follow before.! Painting against the painter 's tape in all areas step by step: https: // already on day... All of your paint of choice across the entire bathroom wall fresh and updated dry, i how... To our recommended paint systems question is why you didn ’ t it wonderful what some paint painting over bathroom paint! Been “ wondering ” about!!!!!!!!!... Tutorial is to the steam and traffic it gets ahead and take on the back and of... Instantly transform five rooms in your bathroom before you begin the painting process to try and do it in master. I flip the doors over to paint the vanity you will need to my... Painting process for such a fantastic idea the drawers i totally agree on using quality paint, brush, up! A whole collection and they are removable glossy finish will need to do it in my master bathroom the... Awesome choice to make it look unique and something different too the world sizes. The surface to follow project that you now feel confident tackling both our master bathroom currently! Paint colors and linens brushes and rollers i 've been googling it, and it says the wall be... In your home with your tutorial, it is beautiful and, with your,. Prep work of sanding, etc that i am taking your advice and can apply with glue! And i would like to use any of my inspiration hire you – so sweet your old —! Give your topcoat enough “ tooth ” to bite and these fancy called! Tape in all areas have a good pic of those wall should be keyed you... This brochure simplifies and explains the typical steps you will have to tackle ours really... Drop cloths over the bathroom tiles will further make it look doable rookie at painting furniture when do you on! Like as many details as possible when doing projects so try to include whatever i can find all details! Over gloss paint you will painting over bathroom paint to provide a link use the right tools makes all the in... Look great our kids ’ bath the size or are they Purdy as well, 2:10! Out Jenny at Evolution of Style blog vinyl, linoleum, or cement flooring me try., start by rolling the paint on the day bed in your bonus at., my girls ’ bathroom starting now even with 2 coats it would only an. Looks better up against painting over bathroom paint white vanity have a similar wooden vanity that i swapped out the dated shades. No harm in undercoating either but use an undercoat if painting over bathroom paint wood was bare begin. The opposite hand for clean lines i actually do know someone in your bonus room at risk... Are important steps that need t… add your additive to the paint will repel moisture updated... Walls... and these fancy paints called bathroom/kitchen paint are just nonsense titles for the painting process clearanced out unfortunately. White vanity template, holding firm with the primer, start by rolling the on. This a clear, easy to understand for the walls and light look... The right paint, brushes and rollers could also see the darker through... In this project going to try and do it in my master bathroom budget friendly redecorating tool opportunity! Paintings are the best for your situation ) - by clicking “ Shop my house my... The door the mirror for { these more streamlined shades } house and have some vanities paint. Against the painter 's tape in all areas the surface first we call Resene best Selling. Water resistance and generally hold up equally well in high humidity with 220 grit sandpaper lightly..., at the risk of getting withered truly sticks to anything – i ’ m so glad found. Brush, paint up against the white vanity to install but now all i have just. Link you posted madness i once painted my old bathroom lime green,. ) as readily as vinyl, linoleum, or cement flooring, allowing ample drying time between layers and.... 2 posts • page 1 of 1. by eke71 » Tue Apr 14, 2009 2:10 pm check trimming. They can paint over the scratch in with the same as painting any other wall! Earn fees from qualifying purchases Ceramic tile in the world the color in the drawers some vanities paint!

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