Here's an example where list of filenames comes from very commonly used find+while structure for safe parsing of filenames. grep; awk; sed . But if you observe, this command failed to capture other lines containing … find ‘run time’ or ‘run-time’ in all txt in file.txt grep run[- ]time *.txt; pipe who to grep, look for appmmgr it doesn't work well with the -A, -B and -C options that grep has. So far i can understand first part of your question , for that solution is to use either ” ^ ” or -v with the grep. line3: when is summer? grep "[Sorghum bicolor]" file.txt Here [Sorghum bicolor] is the word (desired string) for the line which i want to retain. By default with grep with have -e argument which is used to grep a particular PATTERN. The grep command searches the given files for lines containing a match to a given pattern list. grep -x “phoenix number3” * The output shows only the lines with the exact match. We have successfully filtered the line that does not contain the specified patterns. If you want to display all lines that contain a sequence of four digits that is itself not part of any longer sequence of digits, one way is: grep -P '(?
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